Introducing the “Techploring London” Column with Galatia Partheniou

techploringlondondisruptwebsiteI am thrilled to introduce to all of you my new Techploring London column! But as you may be wondering what it will all be about, I’ve written all the questions and answers for you below:


Why Galatia Partheniou?

Well, first of all, blogging and technology are two things that I’ve always adored! I am a Computer Scientist with specialization in Mobile Application Development for Android devices with a great passion of writing all about it!

While I am currently working as an Android Developer for CrowdScores in London, United Kingdom, I am super excited and in love with everything that has to do with technology and I am delighted to be introducing this events related column to you today!

Having already attended several events not only in London, but also internationally, including droidcon London and Web Summit respectively and the background required for understanding technical aspect of these, I believe I can provide great insights and details of the events that I attend to all our readers.


What is this “Techploring London” column about anyway and what types of events are we talking about?

London is claimed to be the centre of the startup universe [1]. And while that may imply having a lot of companies, money or anything else, I’d say that it also implies having a lot of developers of all kinds i.e. front end, back end, mobile and so on and so forth.

As I am currently located in London, I have the opportunity of attending a few…a lot…and a few more events that are taking place in this startup growing city!

Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of Android related events on this column (oops android dev myself), but I will be sharing all about the events that I will be attending. That may be everything related to design startups, startup growth, UI, UX, or Android, development patterns and best practices, Material Design, and many many more.

Finally, even if my column is named “Techploring London”, I will also make sure to give you (at least) short recaps of events that I attend out of London…or maybe even out of the United Kingdom.


Why do I care?

If you have anything to do with the design and development process of a software, or even if you are just interested in technology or you want to get some notes from amazing events that you’d love to attend but you can’t due to your location and distance, you may find yourself loving this column!


Can I contact you?

Of course! Email me with any questions you have in regards to ANY of the events that I attend and write about, and I will be happy to answer them!

Also, feel free to follow me on twitter, for the latest technological news and DisruptEurope’s twitter account for all the research, innovation, startups, entrepreneurship and tech news in Cyprus.




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