Techploring London: And then a couple of events happened

droidconwebsummitThe column was introduced after I have attended several events, but I just got the time to write all about them! So over the past month, I have attended two pretty big events (if not very big), one regarding the International Android Developers community being droidcon London and the other one regarding the “biggest tech conference in the world” – as it is called – being the Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal.

I will not be writing much about these two, as they were both huge events and I have attended several speeches, which are hard to cover in great detail. What I can tell you for sure though, is that they were not only huge in terms of the number of attendees Approx. 1500 and 53000 respectively, but they were also huge in terms of the level of the speeches that took place and I am extremely happy to have attended both of these events!

Droidcon London

Droidcon London is a two day conference aimed at bringing together the international community of Android developers. Being an Android developer myself I was there to find all about the new things in Android, updates in Libraries, best coding practices, clean architecture, RX Java, ConstraintLayout and many many more.

The event ran smoothly. Here is the event’s schedule with several of the speeches having a video currently available online, in case you are interested to read/watch about any of the subjects.

Web Summit 2016

The Web Summit has been described as “the biggest tech conference on the planet”. This was the 8th consecutive year that it happened, with its first time to be taking place in Lisbon, Portugal.

Last year, 2015, I was watching the livestream of the centre stage, where the Web Summit team announced 10,000 free tickets to women in tech. I immediately registered, securing my ticket for this year’s Web Summit and travelled to Lisbon in order to see for myself how big and how good this event is.

Despite the fact that the organizers did not handle the number of attendees very well (IMO), as some spaces were extremely small and the speeches taking place in those being extremely “famous” among the attendees. That left some attendees outside the venues several times without being able to listen to the speeches. That gets more frustrating for the last minute ticket buyers that have paid a little bit more than 5000 euros in order to attend the event. That is again my own opinion, having also seen a few frustrated faces here and there.

Apart from that, the event was amazing and the speeches that took place were absolutely worth listening to. And despite my previous paragraph’s disappointment, the event was absolutely amazing! Very insightful and helpful for everybody! Whether you are running your own startup, or are just curious to see what others are doing, learn about how to build your own startup, or get information about a technology related subject of interest, this is the event to attend! Over the course of the event, a lot of startups exhibited their work, got the chance to network with other people, made partnerships or even got the investors’ attention. Let’s wait and see what the next big thing in the world will be!

The event ended up with even greater news (for me), with one of my home country’s startups (Cyprus), SoilTron, getting to the finals of the Pitch Competition of the Web Summit and pitching at the Centre Stage of the event, with 15000 people within the MEO Arena and another (approx.) 400000 that were watching the livestream. This was extraordinary and even more amazing for the team of SoilTron and the 19 year old CEO Wael Almasri, whom I also had the chance to speak to!

Overall, Lisbon and its people have been exhilarating, hospitable and helpful! Oh and tickets for the Web Summit 2017 are already out. Guess where it is taking place? In LISBON!! (that’s a good reason to attend itself)

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