Panis Growth Tips #4: Are you attending #WebSummit2019?

Panis Growth Tips #4: Are you attending #WebSummit2019?

Currently, the biggest tech conference on the planet is happening to Lisbon. Web Summit 2019. 

Check out my top 10 growth marketing tips for Web Summit 2019. These are tips we have tested in the past, so have fun:

1. Start Tweeting a lot. Use gifs, mention influencers with lots of followers, use all the trending hashtags of the event to your tweets. Use TweetDeck to schedule posts. Follow the people who retweeted top tweets.
2. Choose the 50 investors that you want to approach. In the morning of the day of exhibiting send them a quick message (3 lines max) to pass by your booth to check you out. Send the messages via the WebSummit App.
3. When people approach your booth, then talk with them. Don't wait for them to make the first contact. Talk to them, find out if they are visitors or investors and pitch them accordingly. Get their details to build up your newsletter.
4. Investors can bring guests in restricted investor areas. Try to hack entrance by asking an investor friend to let you in as his guest 😉
5. Web Summit is huge. Focus on what you want to achieve. Use their App and research the people you want to meet. Send them a message for a quick chat.
6. Connect.Club is a cool new tool to help you build your community. Check it out and launch a community there.
7. If you have a budget pick a place and invite your community for a drink on the first or second day of Web Summit. Usually, people leave on the last day of the conference. Avoid to do it on the last day.
8. If you need media exposure then pick 50 tech journalists, check their feed to see if they are coming to Web Summit. Then DM them in Twitter or the social media channel they are more active with valuable content + request to pitch them.
9. Have an elevator pitch of 60 seconds. The goal is to make people get more interested in your product.
10. Go for quality networking and not quantity. Build meaningful relationships.

Enjoy your trip to Lisbon and have fun at Web Summit 2019!!! Night summits are awesome.


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