Italian startup Vitesy developed Natede, a smart flowerpot that purifies the clean indoor air

Italian startup Vitesy developed Natede, a smart flowerpot that purifies the clean indoor air

The Italian startup Vitesy has developed an air purification system to monitor and clean indoor air.

The device, called Natede, has become the most crowdfunded anti-pollution product ever — raising €1 million since last April.

Natede is essentially a smart flowerpot, combining the natural purification of plants with a photocatalytic filter to purify indoor air. The startup claims it is able to capture 99 percent of bacteria, viruses and other organic compounds. The pot is made from ceramic and has a built-in self-watering system. Temperature and humidity levels of a room are read by sensors and relayed to the Clairy app, allowing for monitoring away from home. Furthermore, Natede is fully compatible with Alexa.

The Italian designers behind Vitesy, Alessio d’Andrea, Paolo Ganis and Vincenzo Vitiello, have won a German Design award. In the past the startup received €2 million in funding from the European Commission. Vitesy’s founder, Paolo Ganis, comes from a lineage of engineers dedicated to improving air quality. In the late 1930’s, Paolo’s grandfather designed the first ventilation system to help workers breathe cleaner air in the mines.

A few words about Vitesy

They believe in a world where technology should help humans live in harmony, within themselves and one another. They believe in honoring the planet, and in enabling all living beings to flourish. They believe that clean, pure air and a healthy environment is a human right. According to their website, their mission is to have Vitesy products be present in every home, school and office, protecting people from the environmental challenges of modern living, and enabling them to live easier, happier, healthier, longer lives.

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