Top 5 Coolest Trends at Surf Pitch Night

Top 5 Coolest Trends at Surf Pitch Night

Whoever or whatever you are going to hear, without a doubt, will compel your imagination as you are about to encounter all the most ambitious and promising startups that are going to become the next Grammarly, WhatsApp, PayPal and other cool products.

Surf Pitch Night was an outstanding side event at Web Summit held by UTEW Tech Tribe, Tech Ukraine, USAID, Giz Ukraine, IT Ukraine Association, the Export Promotion Office of Ukraine, USAID Ukraine and USAID Competitive Economy Program. 21 pre-selected startups, closed reception for more than 200 visitors international investors, accelerators, angels from Techstars, Overkill VC, The Family, Businessplug, Chipolo, Startup Lisboa and others - this was the Surf Pitch Night at Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon.

The primary goal behind the event was to show tech potential of Ukraine as a region with promising startups, prominent product companies, 200 000 tech specialists and 110+ R&D centres of the leading tech enterprises. As a result, pitches impressed visitors with innovative ideas and state-of-the-art techs, some of them already drawn the attention of investors at the event.

“I think the ecosystem of startups is the thing that other countries should look at, and the accelerators should come to evaluate, and VC should look as well because there are some serious companies there that are doing exciting things. I was super-impressed!” John Stamler, Techstars mentor says.

For guests, Surf Pitch Night has become a real discovery where they could find a real gold mine. This is the place where the future is “born”. To keep you updated on all the news in the tech industry, we analyzed all the pitches to equip you with 5 coolest trends at Surf Pitch Night.

Trend 1: Teenpreneurs become more and more competitive.

The dream of building a prosperous and successful future remains to be the primary goal of young people around the world. Teenagers from all over the world are striving to start their own business as early as possible to create the future they want. While in the past, such efforts were seen more like a journey of “ups and downs,” currently teenpreneurs become more competitive. They deliver speeches on one stage with big businesses and have a good chance of raising funds.

The youngest founder who pitched at Surf Pitch Night is 15 years old. His startup “Qudi” offers customers to try on a new LED mask that can display pictures, animation and speak like a robot. The product quickly grasped the investors’ attention as one of the visitors asked whether they could buy it. Nuka’s creators were only 17 years old when they launched the project. Experts believe that the number of teenpreneurs is going to increase each year due to the improvement in the quality of self and online education.

Trend 2: More technologies for entertainment.

Surf Pitch Night showed how important Entertainment Tech became. Startups like Clubberspot, Qudi, Predictoria, FlashBeats, or Push3 showed how to use Blockchain, AI, Ml for the needs of clubs, musicians, event organizers, or video streamers.

“We are very well impressed by the quality of startups and name two main aspects. One of them is related to the creativity of the projects.” André Costa from Startup Lisboa says. “The other aspect is related to traction. Some of these businesses didn't have been invested, or they have a very small amount of investment. But the metrics they have been able to show are actually very impressive!"

Trend 3: Unconventional Application of VR&AR Technologies.

There is no doubt that virtual and augmented reality is a new black almost in all domains. Until fairly recently, these technologies were primarily applied in the production of games and used for entertainment purposes. Currently, up-and-coming companies try to utilize the potential of mixed reality in a variety of industries to automate operation, improve the organizational performance, add new functionality to the product.

VR Inn enables people who cannot travel for a variety of reasons to experience VR-based adventures. It may simplify the lives of millions and provide individuals with an alternative way of travelling. ARena, another startup pitching at the event, uses augmented reality to help clients manage their projects online. The number of such apps is going to increase with the growing popularity of emerging technologies.

Trend 4: The role of Eco projects increases.

Business is not only about money and investment, but it is also about sustainability and the future. Nuka's eternal stationery and SubBreather's innovative "Grab&dive" gear proved to be both eco-friendly and perspective. Their socially meaningful solutions were in high demand among investors. That means this trend is going to gather pace in the nearest future.

Trend 5: The Rise of B2B Technologies.

B2B software solution is what caused a real boom at Surf Pitch Night. A big share of startups offered companies a chance to improve their performance and automate operations. One of the most prominent projects is called “E-Docs” which provides a comprehensive solution to business to improve its services and boost performance. Especially, state organizations can benefit from this software as it is quite simple in use and accessible to the broad audience.

Surf Pitch Night united the global tech community to trigger discussions and showcase innovations. The project got warm feedback from the investors.

“Very well done! I would have no issues in investing maybe in a year or two, or three. Truly refreshing,” according to Pedro Cerdeira Business Angel and one of the leaders of APBA.

Contribution article by Alexandra Govorukha, Founder of UTEW Tech Tribe, Head of growth in the UK & Israel at Sigma Software, National network Lead at TechUkraine. Connect with her via Linkedin. 

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